Thoughts are Things

"Thoughts Are Things: Daily readings for children and their families" is a collection of daily devotionals for elementary and middle school-aged children and their families. 

The lessons in "Thoughts are Things" are simple and spiritual. Certain themes are repeated throughout the year, each in a unique way to appeal to a young and beginning reader. Simple, witty drawings accompanying each daily thought help illustrate the concepts.

"I am smart, happy and healthy. My parents love me. God has given me many gifts. I can do anything I want to if I make a plan, concentrate and work toward it every day."

All of the theology in these 366 days emanates from those four simple sentences. Gratitude. Responsibility. The power of the mind. The importance of God. The need for action. Positive thinking. Unconditional love. 

All humans, but especially children, are susceptible to the impact of repetitive teaching and suggestion. The best time to introduce a program of positive life skills is long before a child's daily exposure to the dampening effect of worldly pessimism. While it is written in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for beginning readers, these daily readings are provocative enough to bring parents-and all adults-back to them year after year.

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